Welcome to Archipelago Pearls

ArchipelagopearlsĀ® is an Australian pearl company specialising in South Sea Pearls. We source the finest South Sea Pearls directly from pearl farmers to produce our Archipelago range of fine pearl jewellery. We offer an exclusive selection of designer hand-crafted pearl jewellery pieces and highly individual Archipelago pearl necklaces.

The Archipelago brand places a strong emphasis on unique contemporary design. We view our jewellery pieces as individual works of art, rather than simply jewellery.

Archipelagopearls has over 25 years experience working as advisers to pearl farmers on South Sea Pearl farms throughout Asia and Australia. This experience has given us a unique awareness of the variations in pearl production from farm to farm and allowed us to develop close relationships with many of the farmers.

At Archipelagopearls we place a strong emphasis on developing and maintaining a close relationship with each of our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of your specific requirements. We look forward to being able to assist in providing you with the finest South Sea Pearl jewellery.


Craig Henderson
Managing Director
Archipelagopearls Limited