Our Pearl Farm

At Archipelagopearls we produce our South Sea Pearls on our own farm in the pristine tropical waters of the Andaman Sea. We use traditional methods of oyster husbandry, professional oyster technicians and careful site selection in order to produce the finest South Sea Pearls. Our knowledge gained working as technical advisers to the pearl industry for over 25 years, has been fully applied to our farm operation.

Producing fine pearls is a long and dedicated journey. It takes around 4 years (2 years to grow the oyster to an appropriate size and a further 2 years to grow the pearl). It is only through constant dedication by all our staff that we can achieve exceptional results.

Pearl farming offers a great many benefits to local communities, as well as the environment. It is a fully sustainable activity, and each farm essentially acts as a large protected reserve for all forms of sea life, as access to other activities (such as commercial fishing) is strictly forbidden.


Location and Environment

 Overlooking the pearl farm at sunrise
 Farm work boats and oyster grading pontoon
 Perfect white sand beaches. Not a footprint to be seen anywhere
 Sunset view to neighbouring island
 Staff accommodation by the shore
 Life on the farm often starts around sunrise



Farm at Work

 Pearl technician at work
 Cleaning crew taking care of baby oysters
 Oysters graded and ready for pearl seeding
 Farm crew heading to work
 Farm boat crews and divers un-tangling pearl oyster long lines dragged by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
 Farm staff heading home to nearby village at dusk
 Pinctada maxima spat (baby oysters) at selection time from collectors
 Cleaning and grading juvenile oysters



The Final Reward

 Deep golden south sea pearls from our harvest
 Silver-white south sea pearls at harvest
 Inside shell colour of Pinctada maxima oyster
 Grading and matching selected south sea pearls into fine necklaces