Art of Pearls

We source the finest South Sea Pearls to produce our Archipelago range of fine pearl jewellery, and offer a unique selection of designer hand-crafted pieces.


Archipelagopearls has over 25 years experience working as advisers to pearl farmers throughout Asia and Australia. This experience has given us a unique awareness of the variations in pearls produced from farm to farm and allowed us to develop close relationships with the pearl farmers.


South Sea Pearls are the largest, most highly prized pearls in the world. These fine cultured pearls are the result of a natural process within a single oyster, making each pearl uniquely yours to cherish for a lifetime.


Our Archipelago pearl necklaces are one-off creations celebrating the wonderful diversity of South Sea Pearls. We use the finest interchangeable clasp system from Germany, giving you the freedom to create a distinctive look for any occasion.


Archipelago fine pearl jewellery is crafted from genuine South Sea Pearls from Pinctada maxima and Pinctada margaritifera pearl oysters. We guarantee that our pearls are natural in colour, surface and lustre, and have not been artificially enhanced or treated in any way.